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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why do you think the truth about DV is so violently suppressed?

"When initial evidence of the gender equality of intimate violence emerged in the work of Straus et al. (1980), the authors faced not only criticism but also a barrage of abuse, falsehoods and threats from women's advocates that is now well documented (Gelles, 1994; Luccal, 1995; McNeeley, Cook, & Torres, 2001; Straus, 1993). Similarly, when attempting to resurrect the argument, McNeeley (see McNeeley & Robinson-Simpson, 1987) also faced hostility and abuse. Robinson-Simpson was allegedly an oppressed female who had been duped by a malevolent misguided male (McNeeley, Cook and Torres, 2001). As a result, according to Fillion (1997):

Currently, findings on all types of female physical and sexual

aggression are being suppressed; academics who do publish their

research are subjected to bitter attacks and outright vilification

from some colleagues and activists, and others note the hostile

climate and carefully omit all data on female perpetrators from

their published reports. (pp. 229-230)

This suggests that some twenty years of silencing had occurred beginning with publications in the mid- to late-1970s."

Its a propaganda tool used by feminism to demonise heterosexual men.

Official figures show that mothers are doing more child abuse than any other group, given that abusers create more abusers we can safely say that feminism isn't interested in stopping the problem, if anything its adding fuel to the fire.

It is suppressed because if it came into common knowledge feminism would come to an end.

Women would lose the special privileges they have gained and would have to be treated the same as men are.

You see they want to be thought of as equals {actually as superiors} but they do not want to be treated as equals.{because being treated like a man would suck for them}

They absolutely must suppress any information that does not cast them as victims or they will be expected to earn respect and take care of themselves.

Feminists want to portray men as the abuser and women as the only victim. That's why they pushed for law like the VAWA.

They deem it a necessary evil.


women are evil 101?

now you're gonna say that women be raping men just as much as men rape women.........

The mid to late 70's is when enough men started admitting they were victims of DV that the information COULD be suppressed. I don't know about the official suppression, but I know the men in my own personal life still suffer mightily from the stigma of a guy admitting that a woman (aka wife, mother or sister) is beating them up. This stigma has been in place for allot longer than twenty years. So have the rates of abusive women. You can't help a person who refuses to admit they have been victimized. I fully agree that we should be working on ways to make it easier for men who are trapped in the victim end of this vicious cycle. I also agree that there is more the official and academic communities could be doing to make it easier for them.

Women: What % of the men in this section do you think are homosexual?

I cant help but wonder because of all the hostility toward women and wanting to *put them in their place*

Do u think such men are gays/closet gays?

Eh, they%26#039;re all really just angry at themselves.


LOL! You are either

1/ using the sad old shaming tactic much loved by feminists, or

2/ mistakenly thinking the MRA movement has proportionally as many lesbians as the feminist movement.

Most people know that criticising feminism is not the same as %26quot;hating women%26quot; and has nothing to do with being gay or being homophobic.

What makes you think gay men hate women?

I%26#039;m sure some exist that do, but most of the gay guys I know like women and have many women friends.

EDIT: I see the difference you intended in your question.

My apologies.

I do not think sexuality has anything to do with it; The hostile people in this section are that way either because of their passionate beliefs, or maybe they are just jerks who enjoy bashing on women/feminist radicals online since they can%26#039;t do it in real life without getting charged.

Not enough gay guys in GWS, unfortunately. :-)

I don%26#039;t think the woman/man-hating business here is necessarily related to homosexuality, so much as, views people have developed based on their personal experiences or lack of experience, or some looking to provoke others.

Some probably do have bi/gay-curiosity, but who knows for certain what really goes on in the minds of people in here?

I%26#039;m not sure of the percentages -- probably 5%. However I can say that being a homosexual isn%26#039;t a crime -- it is biological. Grow-up.

According to a poll on their web forum antimisandry...20% of them %26quot;dont like women%26quot;

but not liking women doesnt make them homosexual.

More women%26#039;sshaming language can be found at

And yes questioning the man%26#039;s orientation (sexual) is one of them!


Anyone else is either heterosexual, or they%26#039;re not comfortable being out..

I don%26#039;t speculate about others personal lives and their sexuality is completely irrelevant.

I only know of 2 that are openly gay. How many men come here? maybe 30? So thats like 7%?


Would you sleep with Rosie ODonnell for one week for 2 million dollars?

Why or why not? Dont say no because she is a lesbian...we are assuming she wants to sleep with you for whatever reason and is offering 2 mil for it. Do you do it?

I would do it only if she inconspicuously paid me in cash. Then I would accuse her of holding me hostage for a week and raping me repeatedly. I would sue and get another $2 million because everyone would believe such a plausible story.

Right now, to be quite honest, there's really not much I wouldn't do for 2 mill. Rosie O'Donnell is about as nasty looking as they get so I would do it but there is no way in hell I could get it up for her, no way. With medication, yeah, I'd do it. Some scotch and special medicine, no doubt for 2 million easily.

I would do even worse than that for 2 million. For the security of my daughter I would do Rush Limbaugh for 2 mil.

It is easy for people to say no when you know the situation is not real. But if the cash was in front of your face I am sure many people would change their minds.

Hell no because shes gross and i got high once and was watching the flintstones where she plays betty and i started tripping and thought that scary ***** was coming after me and was hanging on to the side of the bed where she couldnt get me and that was scary as **** so in real life hell no

Yikes! If the word sleep means I go to bed and close my eyes and go to sleep with her laying next to me then yes I would. If it means sex forget it. Even if I were a lesbian or bisexual she would not be the person for me, even for 2 million.

Even for a week of sex, 2M is pretty rad. I'm gonna say yes. And I'm not even a lesbian.

No, I wouldn't.

Adultery is adultery regardless of whether I'm having sex with a man or a woman.

Without hesitation, yes. I would probably sleep with anyone for that amount of money.

After the BRILLIANT answer of Feminecron, I can't do any better.. He wins the 10 pts..

Yes in a heartbeat because I need 2 million. I would sleep with her for 50,000.00.


Why? I can 'fix' her.

Feminecron wins -- as usual !

Sleep next to.... yes. Have sex with..... not sure I want to condemn myself to hell for 2 million dollars.

blindfolded, bound and drugged, yes...

No, she is just plain fugly

You damn right I'm on that ***

When did DoP stop answering every question with an essay?

Funny, I noticed that too. I never minded her long answers but a lot of people made a fuss about it and were always bringing it up. Maybe she just got tired of the flack.

what is dop?

Why do you think women are such introverts?

They appear to devote more time to self analysis than men.

We're a curious creature; women.

We need to know; we want to know

about what is going on around us; in us;

and why.

What's wrong with introversion?!?

Women are typically more emotional than men thanks to the different brain structure. Imagine being pushed and pulled by your emotions and not having any idea why? Sounds like hell. Self analysis offers relief, if you're feeling like crap at least you understand why and what could be done to fix it.

On the other hand, if you're dumb enough, no amount of introspection is gonna help.

Not all women are.

But if you sense that women spend more time in self analysis, it may be because women tend to be more verbal about what is on their minds. Doesn't mean men are not spending as much time in self analysis, just that no one hears about it.

>>>I still think you are over-generalizing, Capone. Doesn't matter if you are 15 or 50. You make a sweeping statement like that and you are gonna be wrong almost as often as you are right.

Pretty sure it's trying to figure out why the same behavior doesn't receive the same treatment from others. For example if my Mom cooks an incredible meal, she gets mild shrugs of appreciation, once in a while she will get a real pat on the back. If my Dad cooks an incredible meal, he receives adulation and praise. Why? If my brother re-roofs someone's house, the owners praise him and tell him what a professional job he has done. Afterwards when they find out that I am the one who actually did it, they go "Oh. Really?" And immediately change the subject, while writing my brother the check. Going to see a local concert, some friends from work have brought new friends, women, they are very polite and friendly to your boyfriend but give you snotty glances, and you've never seen them before in your life. WHY? (Especially after you ask your friends if you were unknowingly rude or something and they say absolutely not). Sooner or later you finally discover, after much analyzing of yourself, that it was never yourself in the first place, and you learn how to recognize real people and ignore the rest.

I never really thought of introversion/extroversion as gender-specific qualities. They're really individual qualities. If you're noticing a trend or whatever, maybe the women in your life just talk about it more? Idk! I don't see it myself.

Very good. "Know thyself", two words that speak volumes. Self-analysis is a handy tool to get you from point A to point B.

So, self-analysis is helpful in the way it shows how your choices have come home to roost. They can sometimes lead to those "aha" moments.

I wouldn't call a person who is analytical an introvert...Women on the whole spend more time I agree on analyzing and are deeper thinkers than most men.

because most women worry more about what other people think, so they over analyze everything.

They are busybodies?or overreacting?

What part of Texas has the most white males in it?

Austin, its a college town, and the one%26#039;s there are rich white boys.

I would imagine that since we annexed Texas from Mexico over a century ago, you will find white men all over Texas.

Now if you cannot find white men out in Texas, New York State has plenty of them. I%26#039;m sure that should make you happy also.

And don%26#039;%26#039;t listen to what others say. As a black man, I support your decision to seek any type of man you choose. Happy hunting.

You can usually find white men at the back of the bus. Or one of the 85% of homeless in most cities!

How about some affirmative action for poor white men? Ladies.

Now that white men are a minority in Texas, how about some extra cheese. I mean some affirmative action baby!

Try Austin, Tx.

Houston is full of ghetto minority men (black)

Most are very respectful and cute.

i really don%26#039;t think any white men would wont a black girl like you.

not saying they don%26#039;t like black women. but you uhhhhh

Do you like white men or are you trying to avoid them?

so you either like white guys or your racist against them?

Why would it matter? I don%26#039;t see a real question here.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last night I had the strangest dream...?

I sailed away to China in a little rowboat to find ya and you said you had to get your laundry cleaned...

Didn't want no one to hold you, What does that mean?

I don't know, but you've got to keep on movin'.

it mean that your planing to travels but you don't no where to go because when your laundry is not get done so it mean that your mined is confuse and you real want to go but at the end you'll travels and you don't want help you because you didn't want no one to hold you it mean that you'll arrange your travel without no ones help

It doesn't mean anything:

Dreams are the product of your imagination and small, unnoticed things that happens in your day, that subliminally go into your subconscious.

Even dreams that come true are purely coincidence.

This mean : Stop sleeping in day time.

Please tell me what this dream means. I think it has something to do with what happened this week...?

in the dream:

someone was going to tell me my future and placed on a table a piece of burlap and told me to put my hand on it. I put my hand on it, and when it i took my hand off, there was a black and white image of south america on the cloth. Everyone standing around me cheered for me because it meant I was going on a trip to South America. I was confused about whether the image was south america or africa flipped over and for some reason i was a little disappointed.

in real life:

there is an african boy that i have had my eye on for a really long time. i never believed in love at fist sight until i saw him. this saturday, i was talking to his sister and she told me he is going to south america for a few months and i was disappointed. She said he was going there for academic reasons. When I told my mom about it, she said she thinks he was actually going there to meet up with a certain girl. I was heartbroken.

Im not sure if the dream has anything to do with the real life situation, so i just threw that in there. Can you please interpret this dream? its really important to me.

I think it's related to your situation- you want to go to SA because he's going there. Your mother sounds mean to say such a thing.

I Have a Dream.........?


lol xD

Obama RaMa Dabra Habra

Ala Ka Dab RA

obama rama

Martin Luther King jr.

Dream Interpretation: Falling Planes (again)?

Hi, I posted a question regarding a dream involving a purple plane about a year ago.

Strangely, last night, I had another dream involving a plane. It's white with some orange stripes this time. But instead of crashing, it was just ascending vertically and falling downwards like it was gravity-defying, never hitting the ground or crashing.

It's just so bizarre. What could this mean? :/

Hrm. Peculiar.

Some dreams do not have meanings. The dream may be just a figment of your wandering, subconscious thought, in which case it would bear no relation to anything in your life.

One could delve very deep and try to say that the plane's gravity-defying ability represents your subconscious determination or desire to stay aloft. But that's sort of a stretch.

Hi Dear AstroLady,

Well, in psychology, purple is the color for sexual attraction. Crashing it, might mean that you like to or have destroyed your sexual feelings.

Now, white is the color for wisdom, and the orange stripes -- I have no idea. You might have the feeling of being propelled toward some sources which gives you more wisdom.

A research was relating the flying dreams to lack or excess of Calcium "Ca" in your body. I believe it was excess. You can try it by drinking a lots of yogurt in one day!

If I knew more about your life, I could tell you more.



Insecurity or lack of confidence

Do you feel like your failing in something?

go to dream it is a great resource

Do you believe in magic?

Just wondering, and if you don't

Do you wish there was??

We all need a little magic once in a while :D


Please - Don't be a total b***ards about this question if you saw the title and you knew the question (cause its in the title) Why did you click, do you like to complain?

i wish there was magic i believe there is other powers out there

Nope. Magicians should technically be called illusionists..

and hellz yeah I wish there was real magic!

But it's a good thing it doesn't exist because I can only imagine how people would exploit it.

i believe somewhere out there they could be magic.

somewhere far far away for sure.

Ok sometimes i do!!

Help on a dream interpretation!!!?

I had a dream my little brother died in a car crash, and it felt so real and I was bawling and devastated. Then I found out that my mom and my brother both had practically the same dream on almost the same night. Then last night I had a dream that my cousin, whom I am not close to, died in a car crash, and it again felt really real. What does this mean?

Your bother could be in some kind of danger. Why don't you talk to him.

Maybe your warrenty is about to expire.

some of your family might be in danger. talk to them about it

Can people tell the future through dreams, weird things are happening to me.?

okay this has been a weird week. i just got out of the hosoital from almost being paralyzed from a bad horse fall. Then just this morning, my boyfriend got into a car accident, he got hit in a canyon from behind then rolled down an embankment with nothing protecting him but the roll cage which eventually caved in..he walked away from the crash, but usually im with him going to school in the the passenger seat. If i hadnt been in the hospital i would have been in that seat, and the paramedics said if anyone was in the passenger seat they wouldnt have survived. But anyways, two weeks ago, i had a very vibrant dream about my boyfriend geting into the same accident,and walking away from the scene without a scratch.

I told him about this dream the morning i woke up, but kept having weird feelings for awhile, but i just ignored them...

i know this is really weird and i know im not a psychic, i was just wondering if it is possible to dream of something then have it actually happen..its happened twice before, but only for little things...


What did your boyfriend think when he realized you had foreseen his crash in a dream ? It sounds like you can interpret dreams and are given a glimpse into a significant event before it happens. These types of dreams can be very scary and worrisome. You have to start looking for what is the reason you have this ability?You cannot control it it comes from somewhere outside of your physical ability. To relay messages or a warning? This is a very serious responsibility and I would pray and ask for guidance on what it is you are to know and do with this foresight. You want to do the right thing concerning it and the dreams you may have that are fore warnings and premonitory . This spiritual gift can be a blessing or a curse. Stay close to your true spiritual leader which is Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ and you will not be misled. Good Luck and God Bless. I hope you recover soon and I am sorry to read that you got hurt.

yeah!! your not alone this happens to me!! and everything happens for a reason you fell off the horse so you wouldn't be in that car when he got in the accident...

yes it happens all the time.

I had a bad dream!!! wierd signs?

i fell asleep for a nap at 4 pm and woke up at 7. in my dream i remember it vividly and its been about a half hour. i mainly remember i was walking with some kids i know from school who were smoking weed no problem with me and the cops came so i ran and i watched the cops beat them up and almost find me. also i saw a green computer in the trash and it was crazy as hell. any ideas of what this means kinda creepy if ya ask me

ok well you obviously have friends who either smoke cigarettes or weed, so that is why your brain is dreaming that. and the cops represent authority figures who condemn this behavior, authority figures such as teachers, parents, or even cops. The green computer in the trash represents Yahoo Answers. Your brain, while having the dream, knew that you were going to ponder about the dream and what better way to find out what it means than going on Yahoo Answers! Yahoo answers is green themed.

good luck

What does this dream mean that deals with my home?

Ok so I have a recurring dream where I discover parts of my house that I knew existed but never went in before, and when I go into these newly discovered areas of the house it's always very surprising. I had another one of those dreams, but this time it was different because the newly discovered area of the house was more like an entire floor when usually it's just an empty room or 2. And this time there was new furniture, and new electronics like TV's, and I kept saying to myself, why didn't I ever hang out here all this time when it's been here the whole time! And the dream ended when I discovered a window that overlooked my backyard and when I looked through the window, there was a beautiful ocean coast.

What the heck?! I had a really weird feeling when I woke up from the dream too.

I think it means a part of you can't wait to discover what is in your future but yet it is some what scary so you feelings come out in a dream that is pleasant because the fear is so hidden and all you see is positive things in the dreams the place you want to be the way you want life to be exciting with new places and items with peace in it. When you wake up the other side of the fear tries to come out leaving you will the remember dream but you woke up when the fear side tried to present itself in the dream it is like only letting one emotion emerge in the dream then if the fear tries to appear in the dream you wake up so then you have weird feeling

Dreams... premonitions?

alright... ive been having this reoccurring dream... its really odd..ever had one of those dreams where your drowning and ppl you love n care for are standin there watchin u drown while ur reachin for them and they just turn, ignore u n walk away? well... thats kinda like the basics of my dream, only its like everyone... all my friends and family, just turning and leavin me. only im being choked... and they know it, but theyre all there, laughing at me. and when my vision begins to dim and i stop fighting the choking... they all turn, with seemingly sattisfied smile and leave me there. ive had this dream multiple times.. and im wondering. cuz i dont really get along with my family at all... i dont love my parents. and i can say that without feeling anything so im fairly sure its true.. and, well... i dont really have friend-friends bc i just cant let myself trust them...

so.. anyone whos %26quot;superstitious...%26quot; what do you think these dreams mean, if anything at all?

I think you%26#039;re having a %26quot;frustration%26quot; dream, %26amp; I think it obviously has to do with your trust issues with your family. Sorry, I%26#039;m not supersticious at all. You need to start taking baby-steps in trusting new people, because I promise you there are many people out there who are 100% trustworthy. You just have to NEVER stop trying %26amp; never stop fighting this fear!!!!!! %26amp; only think of positive thoughts about your family, or not at all. Ignore all negativity in your thoughts %26amp; memories.

hope this helps :)

Honestly? THis dream, followed by your explanation solves itself. If you want the dream to resplve differently, get over yourself. Work on meeting new people, maybe forgive your parents. No need to view them to forgive. Self-acceptance is the key. See a doctor about social anxiety maybe?

it gives you a message that you need to trust in somebody and develop friendly co-operation. you may be in a trouble later and the solution would be with your family and friends. so help them to seek out for their assistance when required in future

I Had dreams like that but i was burning. my mom said it means i am not happy with the way i live or i did something i regret but havent fixxed


This morning I had a dream that my parakeet

What does this mean? I loved him dearly, I valued his life as I would a human's life. But there was something in this dream I couldn't explain. What does stuff like this mean?

wow. firstly ignore the answer ubove me, and secondly im very sorry, i know that loseing a pet can feel as painful as a person

but wow, i think the opening of the cage at the top was to tell you that he was going 'up' and it symoblosise that his spirit if you belive, has gone up with him.

i hope you feel better soon - and dont think negativly of this dream, i genuinly think it was a positive dream, and someone with more experirence will elaborate more for you.


That's so sad, and I'm so sorry for you. My bird died just a couple months ago. I loved him alot too, and I had so many dreams about him after he died. I kept having dreams that I found him alive, but they were never really good dreams, in a way that's hard to explain...I agree with the second answerer, it's almost like you were letting him go. But it's hard to tell a person how to feel about a dream. Even if the dream should be good, like my dreams about my birdie still being alive, they still aren't, because they have this strange, disturbing feel to them. To me, it seems kind of like your dream was like this, with an uneasy feeling you couldn't explain. But you are the only one who can really figure out what your dreams mean. I am so sorry for your loss, though! :( I hope things go better for you.

it mean that your parakeet's will lived long and it not die like you see i n your dream but you have to be carefull for the cage because if the cage open he'll go aways and someones will killed him that why you see thecage was open or onedays if you open it and can fly and go ways and you'll feel very sads that's why you sould allways see that the cage is good closed this is the meaning of your dream

poppy definitly nailed it. when a person connects emotionally on a deep and intimate level with another person, or living being, so are their subconscious'. my interpretion would be that the act of the cage opening at the top was symbolic of his body metaphysically opening and releasing his life.

there isnt much detail here for me to further interpret on. If you'd like a further interpretation, go ahead and email me at

my condolences for your parakeet. always remember that the love you shared with him will never leave your heart, nor his. I try to find comfort in that, and I hope it helps you as well.

it means you murdered him in your sleep.

Dream: I

this has to mean something. I'm selling myself on the street because I'm out of a job and some lady picks me up in her limo and as soon as I get back to her house, she reaches out to grab me and I pull her arms off and there is blood everywhere. Then I just left it all there and took what I could carry and ran out.

There is no one right answer to dream interpretation EVER, and anyone who tells you that there is is lying to you. I'm a psych major at Cornell, and I've studied a bunch of different theories to dream interpretation, and they're all conflicting.

The most commonly accepted theory is that dreams are the result of your unbconscious mind being let free by your pesky conscious as soon as you hit the sack. So it's all your unconscious thoughts going nuts, and not usually making much sense.

Really, the most I can gather from your dream is that there's some sort of stressful thing in your life that's going on. Unconscious thoughts can be so abstract, that it's difficult to ever get into real specifics about dream meanings.

And besides, you are the best one to interpret your dreams because you are the only one who is fully aware of all the everyday experiences you go through that your dream may be referring to :)

All dreams of this sort are based on fears, and you actually answered yourself, with the statement I'm out of a job, there is the underlying fear, being out of a job...

Help ! confised with this dream?

had this dream where i got back with my ex girlfriend and we were in going around kissing and stuff ....... i am engaged with some other girl so umm what could this dream mean ?? kinda confused

some dreams really don't have a meaning. It's actually what you want or you keep on thinking about. Maybe you really like your ex girlfriend or you miss her. 'Cause you can really end up having a dream just because you kept on thinking about her or maybe you just remembered her. But there are dreams that can come true or has meanings. If you had this certain dream, maybe you'll meet her again, and maybe the two of you will get to be together again. All you gotta do is go with the flow. You don't have to break up with your new girl friend or the other girl. Just be ready if it turns out that your dream will come true. Sort your feelings first so that no one will get hurt. okay? hehe. I hope I answered your question.

It reflects conflict in your mind regarding these two girls. Maybe you should rethink the engagement. You may not be ready for engagement yet. Give yourself more time. Marriage is a major life commitment.

I wouldn't look into it too deeply. It doesn't necesarily mean you are ment to be with your ex or still deep down in love with her. It might just be related to a memory of her that popped up.

just forget the dream and go on with your current girlfriend

Will you interpret this dream for me....?

I am lying in a forest, and a giant strawberry walks up to me, and says, "Hey Bill, you are sooooo hot. Want to make sweet love to me?" I say yes, and it gets hot and heavy, but then I take a bite of that giant strawberry, and can't resist finishing the whole thing despite her screaming.

What does this mean?

It means you desire something or someone who you value as sweet, however you will fall victim of temptation and sabotage the whole thing, use this dream as a warning if you have something that is "sweet" hold on to it and don't sabotage yourself

She (the strawberry) specifically gave you permission to make LOVE to her. Taking a bite of her means you had sex with her. Anytime you push past the point of consent, it is rape. Her screaming is a sign that you raped her. "finishing the whole thing despite her screaming" could mean that you killed her.

The dreams' message is that you have problems with self-control and you need to learn the difference between making LOVE and sex which is about lust.

Oh my! I am craving strawberries now!

what a great dream! How strange are our minds.

Maybe your scared of getting to close to something in fear of ruining it or losing it.

making love to a strawberry..hmmm... weird

maybe you love strawberries?

Dream interpretation...weird and freaky dream?

I had a dream that my sister (who, if it makes a difference, is partially blind) ran into my room freaking out. I go to open my eyes, but can't. She's telling me that my dog and cat are scared because of "the little girl in my room." I tell her to knock it off, and that's she's scaring me.

All of a sudden, my sister is gone. I can now open my eyes, but it's still too dark to see anything. I run to my light switch, and flip it on. It takes forever to turn on, then I see a little girl sitting at the end of my bed. She's REALLY scary a dead person. She's pale, has messy hair, dark circles under her eyes, and looks a little dirty. She's just sitting there staring at me. I run out of my room into my living room which is also pitch black. My step dad asks what I'm doing. I tell him everything that just happened, and he tells me that my sister never went into my room. But that she did run out of her room screaming and freaking out about something.

...Then I woke up. Any thoughts/ideas.

dreams mean a lot of different things, maybe your watching too many scary films and its filtering into your subconcious dreams and integrating known and familiar peeple. Maybe you know your sister is upset but you dont know what it is and the little girl represents the secret problem. May be it doesn't mean a thing, dreams usually don't unless they repeat over and over, hope that made sense

have you been watching scary movies? Are you worried about having another sibling from your step dad? Are you worried about your sister partial blindness? did you see a neglected little girl recently? Maybe it was just a bad dream if nothing is playing on your mind dont let it worry you

most of dreams are from the act of devil

wow scary. i wish i rembered my dreams

maybe it is saying that you are going to end up going blind

The subconscious speaks in pictures. Your step dad and your sister are in the dream. your sister brings the little girl to your attention. She looks like she has been abused. Your step dad said your sister ran out of her room (how would he know?) screaming and freaking out about something.

Because of the 2 players in your dream and you step-dad talks to you in a black room, yet knows your sister was screaming and freaking out "about something" but he didn't come to her rescue means to me that he is the reason she screamed and freaked out, running from her room and that she brought the "little girl" to your attention because she does not know how to tell you that she is being abused by your step dad. People do communicate through dreams.

Check it out.

What does this dream mean ?

Last night I had a dream that my friend and I were walking along a path then we smelt something like something was dead. Then this weird looking rabbi thing can out of nowhere . So we both started to run but i couldn't run as fast as I can. So i stop and when the thing came close it tried to bite me but I slapped. Then we saw the same thing and that one TRIED to bite my 6 or 7 times then i slapped it. I could feel the tickle on my neck as if it actually touched me

my opinion is that maybe you are too tired that night and slept with a full stomach..that thing can start the Filipino deadly BANGUNGOT or nightmare in medical term Ruptured pancreatitis... pray before going to sleep...

I believe this means you are subconciously anti-semetic and need to get in touch with your Jewish roots in order to stop dreaming about slapping Rabbi things that try to bite you.

Weird, and not sure that it means anything...?

But lately i've been having a lot of vivid dreams that involve the world(usually more specifically the United States) in turmoil. They're very violent in nature. Usually there is something kind of off though. I can't exactly pinpoint what it is(but I'm trying to figure it out, as these are reoccurring dreams) but when you get past the eerie feeling, and the adrenaline rush in the dream, there is something,a feeling, beneath that I cannot figure out what it is...but I don't like it.

Any idea what's going on, or maybe how to stop these dreams?

like what exactly? Destruction of the earth? of the buildings????

Most of the dreams i have that involve kinda like what you mentioned above. What happens in my dream is that the buildings are on fire. There's like some type of poison gas in the air..and just the feeling of despair and lonliness.

I nomally write them off as just being a way that dreams communicate to me that all hell is breaking loose at work or at home. Which actually at the time i'm experiencing rocky relationships with family or work. Although a couple of times i wonder to myself am i glimpsing the no idea really.

I wouldn't worry about it. Not unless in the next few weeks somebody declares war on the U.S..

I don't know but you need to figure it out. I can feel a bad feeling just reading it. I think you need to figure it out asap and when you do email me at I think whatever is not write is going to happen in the future of the united states. something tell me this could be the end of the united state as it is.

for the description put dream interpenetration

whats happening to the united states right now is scareing you but you dont know it .your dreams are telling you your scared .now that you know your scared you should stop having them.

Let's see, maybe it's the economy or living in fear of terrorism? Nothing fancy to translate there.

I had a weird dream, what does it mean?

I've had a couple of dreams about this boy i've known for year and rarely speak to. He now has a girlfriend, and had particular interest in him last year but i keep dreaming of him. I'm so over him, and he's out of my life completely but he keeps re-appearing. I like another boy, but he keeps coming into the pictures. The other night i had a dream that we were laughing and hanging out, and i think he dislikes me very much in real life because he never talks to me anymore and doesnt treat me well. anyway, so we were laughing and having fun, and in another dream we were so close and he had his arms around me! WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?!

Dreams are our sub conscience's way of talking with us. Somewhere deep in the back of your head you still have an interest in him.

though he is out of your life but your attraction or we should say your desire to him as your BF is not over yet.

if you want to get over this dream go n talk to him or concentrate on the boy you have.

It means "live your life and stop worrying about dreams because they dont mean anything"

This means that you still have feelings for the boy that you know has a girl friend. U are not over it.

It means you need to get a man! or so to speak get lad

I keep having strange dreams?

There has been alot going on in my life lately and I have been having some strange dreams but they don't seem to really be linked with whats going on in my life. I firstly had a dream I was buying loads of stuff in this weird shop. And then I had a dream I bought a car but I really hated it. And then the strangest of all, I had a dream that I was walking somewhere near my house and stopped a massive black transsexual to ask for the time because I had forgotten my watch. The dreams were longer than that obviously but without writing an epic story I thought I would just summarise, any ideas what this is all about??

the second two seem mainly to do with dissapointment -

the dissapointment of the car

and dissapointing other people by not having your watch

but the detail is rather vague lol

this is only because you have some problem with your man

Can you interpret my strange dreams?

There has been alot going on in my life lately and I have been having some strange dreams but they don't seem to really be linked with whats going on in my life. I firstly had a dream I was buying loads of stuff in this weird shop I was in the shop and I had gone in for a doll, it was a small porcelain doll of a chinese geisha girl but I ended up buying like everything.... And then I had a dream I bought a car but I really hated it because it was really ugly lol. And then the strangest of all, I had a dream that I was walking somewhere near my house and stopped a massive black transsexual to ask for the time because I had forgotten my watch. The dreams were abit longer than that obviously but I don't really remember them that clearly, any ideas what all this means??

Maybe you want to find yourself, ie the doll but instead you are just taking everything that you see, instead of really searching for who you really are. The car is possibly linked, you are afraid of actually seeing yourself for who you are incase you don't like what you see. Apparently a house is an symbol of you psyche, so you are near your psyche/mind/soul/self rather than there and you feel that time is getting away from you in such a way that you are confused about many things. Just a guess though.

Maybe you want to buy something and ended up with something else that you didn't like. You need it quickly cause time is passing and you can't wait cause time is a big transexual bi-a-tch?!

out of curiousity what was the time?


there is so much out there ,and you want it all ,but you fear that there isn't enough time.


Your Dreams

Most people had big dreams and ambitions when they were younger. Mid-teens, I am saying. If you didn't achieve them, are you living in a life with regret at this moment?

Just another random question...

I wanted to be a PhD. scientist and went into computers instead. I sometimes wonder about that decision, but regrets do me no good. It is a big part of my prayers to give up my regrets and live in the present. I think I am doing better.


But the core of the dream is me running through the dark and trying to avoid the rattle snakes that are everywhere. I wake up in a cold sweat and can't get back to sleep. I don't have any particular snake phobias and I haven't seen Indiana Jones in about 10 years. Any ideas?

I just got done writing a research paper for dream interpretation. Through my research I learned that the "chasing" dream known as what you are experiencing is due to anxiety and stress of a certain problem you are facing in this time. The running from snakes symbolizes that you are avoiding the issue you are facing at this point in your life and trying not to confront it.

Why am I dreaming about cheating on my boyfriend?

I have been dating my boyfriend whom I love more than anything for over two years now. After a year or so after we started dating, I was having dreams about having sex with other guys that I knew. This occurred for weeks. The same themed dreams every night for almost a month. They stopped after a while and I haven't seen them for over a year. But now these dreams are coming back. Why have they came back? and why do I feel so guilty about it? I really haven't done anything wrong.

maybe you need more passion and change in your life, i dont think it has anything to do with sex.

but the fact that there is knowledge of your boyfriend within the dream while it happens may mean your not satisfied romantically, not nessicarily sexually.

Does anyone have an explanation for this Dream?

i had a restless night. To give you some background.....I recently was abandoned by my husband of almost 27 years now, he left over a year ago.

I managed to fall asleep for about 20 minutes, and I had a dream that he was laying down...white pillow, white sheet, all I saw was his face, every detail, eyes closed and i was staring and his eyes opened wide...I woke up. Thank you for the input.


The ex husband can sometimes be playing themselves or can symbolize a particular quality the two of you had shared.

Bed is you may need more rest. May be commenting on private, intimate matters. Is something keeping you up at night? Your dream may even be commenting on your dreaming life.

Pillow is a need to be comforted or a need to rest and relax. Pillow talk.

And the white sheet was on him, this is a good indication you are avoiding an issue, you are afraid of confrontation.

To see just his face this is face the issue, fact the past, face the facts, etc.

And eyes means you need to open your eyes and take a closer look at your situation. Your perception or point of view.

Hope that helps, and good dreams to you :)

I think you want for your husband to return, but you are also seeing new possibilities now that he is gone. (Watching his eyes open actually represents you seeing new possibilities.) The two things are pulling you in different directions and creating a struggle inside.

You can't control what he does at this point, so focus on the new things you see.

have you moved on?

if you haven't this could be a sign to. also the white sheet white pillow suggests he was in bed, was he sleeping? do you still have feelings for him? How people act in a dream can be feedback about interactions in a current relationship.

i would say let the dream go. try to focus on your current life and make the most of it.

Maybe you subconsciously wished he was dead and layed out. That would be my reason for dreaming that way about my exes. Or it could be wishful thinking that when his eyes opened up you hope he saw the error of his ways. It will take you time to get over this bump in your life. but you can do it.

The white means it is time to forgive. Forgive does not mean to say ok what you have done to me, it means time to let go and move on.

you miss him but you are afraid of it.

I agree with Joejorob it is telling you time to move on.

your insane!

These dreams keep happening?

For the past two weeks I have had nightmares about people that close to me. In these nightmares they die... the most recent one, last night, was my mother. I don't know why I keep having these dreams. I hate them because during the dream I experience every emotion and step of grieving. By the time I wake up I am almost in tears, and then I will cry for fear of losing my family and friends. How can I make this stop? And why do I keep dreaming of death and those I consider close?

Day by day life changes. Old securities fall away. Change is frightening. You are particularly aware and afraid of the changes you see happening with your close associations. Changes are coming at you too fast. You are looking into the distance and seeing how all change ends.

There is only one moment in time which you have control over. That is your power moment. Your "NOW" moment. The past is gone and the future is not here yet. You have control over how you see your life. You have control over your attitudes. You have power to influence your future by using the method which I listed below.

Beginning today, take control of your power moments and use them to your advantage.

Pick 4 of these thoughts and run them through your mind from morning to night, especially at night think them as you are drifting off to sleep. Pick the thoughts you feel you are most weak in. Make these thought "you"

I am happy

I am content

I like myself

life is good to me

I am intelligent

I am confident

I control my attitudes

simplify. simplify, simplify

I respect myself

I have a guardian angel

God assigned me a guardian angel

I call my guardian angel in emergencies

I influence my destiny for the better.

I like the "NO" word

I use the "NO" word easily

"NO" is my best friend

I say THANK YOU frequently

I am thoughtful

I am considerate

I am patient

I am tolerant

I am a can-do person

I am a self starter

I have a good memory

I retrieve memories easily

I use initiative

I use my thoughts to control my direction in life

I am the captain of my own vessel

I use thoughts as my rudder

I have the final decision.

I value my own conscience

I simplify problems

I view all angles of problems, obstacles

I solve problems easily

I am centred within

I am at peace within

I feel at peace

I feel centered and poised within

Create your own thoughts, keep them short, in the present tense and eliminate the word, "not"

Change your thoughts and your world changes. This method will serve you well for the rest of your life.

The impact of these thoughts on your personality will leave a good impression in job interviews.

You will handle life easier as well. When you take control of you, you are no longer like a cork bobbing in a large ocean. Other people do not manipulate you as easily. Because you evaluate yourself and your life, you tend to evaluate them also. Consider discarding "filler" people from your life. Those are the ones who drop their problems on you and seem to serve no useful purpose except to create waves and discord in your NOW moments.

I went on a little bit, however, I suspect that this is the first and last time we will connect. The disturbing dreams will melt away as you deliberately change your thoughts.

Good luck.

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I think you actually have a pretty straightforward dream. You may be afraid of losing others in your life, you may be afraid of your own mortality. Seek a spiritual solution--prayer, talking with your spiritual leader about your fears. Exercise and taking care of your body will also help. Love those close to you so you have no regrets--they will not always be around.

the key to stopping a dream is to " let go" and " not worry"

you are in the back of your mind worrying about something.

and it manifest it self in the subconscious Realm. then when the dream happens you worry about it more..

try reading a book or study something before you sleep to get your mind on something Else.

apparently dreams of people dieing mean someone is going to have a baby

but if these dreams really bother you and you keep having them you should talk to your doctor and they will give you something that stops your dreams

Maybe Its just a nightmare.Maybe it will come true. Try to st close to the one you love but closer to those you don't

when Dreams like these happen, and I do have them, I pray to Jesus, they always go away because I know he is with me.

talk to a shrink!

I keep having these dreams about having a baby...?

not actually having one like in labor but having a little boy. It's weird because i missed my period today tmi? We are trying and i really want one, and i had a miscarriage last october, and i always thought it was a boy i had a dream last week of him actually being born and not having the miscarriage. But almost every other night i have a dream about having this little baby boy, and i am so overwhelmed by it i hate waking up. I was so happy

Dreams about having babies represent a new idea or stage in life. It may be about having a baby, or it may not. It signifies change. Maybe the happiness about the baby, means that you have recently changed from mourning your miscarriage to looking forward to having children. Good luck with getting pregnant. Just wait until you start having all those hormonally crazy dreams! I dreamt that I set my baby down and couldn't find him, when I was pregnant with my first son. It never indicated that I was going to lose my child. I know that you want it to mean something more, but it may not. So, don't stress, just make those eyes at your hubby some more, and you will have a baby in no time.

Don't worry. ( If your worried.)

I've had repetitive dreams about a Kwik Fit garage that's on top of a volcano, it holds no meaning. That I know. But then again, it could be your hormones reacting.

Best to wait and find out.

Well, if you keep thinking about having a little baby boy thats why you keep having these dreams.

How come I can never remember my dreams anymore?


Alright so a couple weeks ago I had probably the three weirdest dreams of my life all in the same weekend practically and ever since that weekend, I can never remember my dreams anymore. I can barely even recall one detail from something in my dream now. Is their a specific reason as to why I can't remember my dreams or what? I used to always be able to remember my dreams very well, but ever since those three dreams I can't remember anymore? Does anyone know what I can do to help me remember? Any help appreciated. :D

Thanks so much.

Haha, if you are wondering I just really want to remember what my dreams are because I like to see if they have any meaning.

Remembering dreams can be hard. To remember them most effectively wake up naturally with out an alarm clock (though this usually can't be avoided) so you can wake up gradually. Keep a dream journal that you right your dream down right when you wake up.

I don't know why exactly you're having a hard time remembering but I hope these ways help you to remember!

I dont remember my dreams either but there is no Scientific reason.

Why do I dream of death and awake crying?

This has only happened three times in my life but I dream of someone I love dying then as I stand there crying with my heart completely broken it feels so real like my heart is really broken and I wake up with tears

The first dream two faceless people came and took my grandmother away

The second, my mother died

Third my fiance died in an accident and I could feel a pain in my chest as I cried and knew he would never come back

All three people are alive and well, the first two dreams happened many years ago.....but I was afraid for them and still am...

Tears symbolize your feelings of inadequacy and powerlessness.

Dreams of death do not symbolize death, per se, they represent the end of a chapter of your life and the start of a beginning.

You have recently lost your job, or fear you are losing control in some aspect of your life? You need to develop more self confidence.

Is there a way to hint on what you want to dream about?

For example, if I want to have a dream that I among lions, should I think about that alot during the day? Or how do I hint on topics I want to dream about? I hope I'm explaining this right! Btw, I know, stupid example, but it just popped into my head... If the question doesn't make sense just I'll try to reword it..

I used to fall asleep thinking about my girlfriend, and I'd dream about being with her all night. You can always try that.

Is he my soulmate?The one im meant to be with?

Well I know that you prolly cant determine your soulmate thru dreams but im gonna give it a whirl.

My friend said that my crush saw a girl in a dream of his in a fog that looked just like me.identical. but he couldnt see her face she said that he only saw her hair/hair color and her body type..

I know my friend isnt lying bc she said that he called her.He was so excited when he called her and said "-friends name-!I just had a dream that I saw my soulmate and she had this,she had that,she had this,she had that" and she said that he talked fast.

I think it's true that soulmates dreams of each other, Try talking to him. Good luck!



you are a person who dont like confrontation you need to be more assertive and stick up for your principles

Wow there is a stretch. Cows are usually nice and keep to themselves. You would have to really rub one the wrong way in order for you to get stampede.

It means you have been drinking too much milk & eating far too much ground chuck. The bovines are plotting an invasion. I would board up your windows and doors and find Will Smith ASAP.

Scary Dream, please interpret!?

A few nights ago I had a dream that I was in 2012 and I was in my living room, watching the news on T.V.. Then, on the news they said that scientists had found a new species, but they were still working on it to learn more about it. Then my dream flashed to the next day on the news they said that the new species was a parasite and that they were quarantining an area. I walked outside and there was mass chaos, and everyone was running all over the place. I walked back inside and my cat was rolling on the floor like it was in a seizure and it was moaning and my parents were rushing around. Then the news flashed back on and it said that the parasite spread through the air and contact, and that they didn't know how to kill it. All of a sudden, my cat ran infront of me and exploded and I saw his body parts fly all over the place. It looked so real. Next, my family and I ran through the backyard and went to a military command center. We spoke to the guy and he said that he couldn't let us leave, and that he was sorry. Then 4 people came out from behind us and stabbed the guy with a metal spike, then they beckoned us to get into the jeep. We drove crazily into a wooded area. Then they built a fire and we were ambushed by these creatures that looked like they were a mix of a large cat, worms, and a bat. Then my dream flashed to where I was standing outside of a large wall made of crude metal and wood spikes about 60 ft. high. I walked over to someone in a military uniform and asked where the people that were with me were. He said that they were dead. Then my dream ended.

Can anyone make sense of it, please?

Please excuse any grammar errors I've made.

you are a sensitive person and are concerned about how the world is going you worry about your loved ones including your cat only thing that you can do to help yourself is to not worry about things that you cannot change do you know the serenity prayer? it goes God grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change courage to change the things i can and the wisdom to know the difference say this prayer try to have a closer walk with god you are not alone as far as worrying about what tomorrow may hold there is a lot of us out here now especially in such trying times just remember god is there by your side all you got to do is reach out god bless

ahaha i should not be laughing. but it is kinda crazy..sorry this is a little late:( but ive had scarier dreams and i still haven't made sense of them because im crazy like that but i think you just had something on your mind,maybe a bad day. but you shouldn't think too hard on it anymore if you have any other dreams like that.

have you watched any movies lately that had maybe some kind of war or any action flicks like this? usually people dream about movies they have watched. i know i do.

also, there seems to be so much chaos. it could be that you're going through so much right now that you're very stressed.

This is just my own opinion, but any dream where a cat explodes is a pretty freakin' awesome dream! Turn your dream into a movie script and sell it. It would make a great horror movie.

thats like crazy.

i really dont have any interpretation of it, but i like feel u.

i think ur just too worried about the environment around u.

just try not to worry and live day by day

too much science fiction movies. just dont pay no mind to it ........ you will be ok

Have you ever had a dream in third person?

I had this strange dream, where I spent the dream sleepwalking. Not physically, but in the dream I was watching myself in the third person (as if I was a camera man) just zombie-walking around the house. So, I became convinced that what I was seeing was real. I kept telling the dumbass (me) to wake up but unfortunately I walked outdoors and started rolling around in the dirt where people were talking. Then, I started masturbating in front of my family and me (camera man) panicked and ran away into the woods. Then, I crashed into a tree and woke up.

Have you ever had a dream like this in the third person? It is very eerie.

yes i have

it was strange i was watching my self jump out a window at the top of a tower i was trying to stop me but failed miserably

and i have had others but i cant remember them

they r really eerie aye

Your dream means: you are reenacting a sceniro with friends

but your true instincts were not surfaced up only in your dreams.

next time be with friends that are not afraid to be naked out in the woods.

Are you sure this didn't really happen?

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