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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I need to know what

I am doing psychology and I don

Why do I see myself as uglier than anyone else?

I had to ask because today I was at the mall and I desperately needed new clothes for school. I didn

Is watching porn a phase?

im young and i dont wanna be an addict
It is not just a phase if it becomes obsessive (multiple hours per day every day) and/or interferes with

I am starting to question my sexuallity and I am getting married later this year!!!?

I have never been interested in women but recently I have been fantasizing about them. My fiance and I are sexually active and things used to be great. Sometimes when we have sex I get an intense pain in my lower abdomen and doctor


Last night, i dreamed about me and (possibly) my family being over at my ex-husband

Are most relationships equal?

- No one is dominant

- Everybody makes eachother happy (maybe in different ways but nobody is a pig)

- No one is getting peer pressured to act a certain way.
Healthy relationships are more or less equal. If one person is extremely dominant over the other, it

Are women happy to let feminists get bashed?

As this feminist complains?

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