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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I need to know what

I am doing psychology and I don

Why do I see myself as uglier than anyone else?

I had to ask because today I was at the mall and I desperately needed new clothes for school. I didn

Is watching porn a phase?

im young and i dont wanna be an addict
It is not just a phase if it becomes obsessive (multiple hours per day every day) and/or interferes with

I am starting to question my sexuallity and I am getting married later this year!!!?

I have never been interested in women but recently I have been fantasizing about them. My fiance and I are sexually active and things used to be great. Sometimes when we have sex I get an intense pain in my lower abdomen and doctor


Last night, i dreamed about me and (possibly) my family being over at my ex-husband

Are most relationships equal?

- No one is dominant

- Everybody makes eachother happy (maybe in different ways but nobody is a pig)

- No one is getting peer pressured to act a certain way.
Healthy relationships are more or less equal. If one person is extremely dominant over the other, it

Are women happy to let feminists get bashed?

As this feminist complains?

Any resources for information on getting a payday loan?

Any resources for information on getting a payday loan? thank you

If you want a fast and legit loans in 1 Hour. Just try this and once approved your loan amount will be transferred directly to your checking account promptly, and securely. Now you

Should we guys thank YA for changing the name of this section from GWS to GS?

Although they still have to change it in Browse Categories
Masculinism shall prevail!
Go ahead.
Dont really care.
I thanked them in a lengthy email.
Who cares?
Yes. Thank you. Unlike women, you are able to change something.

I was surprised about this.

I haven

Is it possible to do it this way?

I want to be friends with a guy first before I date him, I want him to get to know me as much as he can as a friend, and if he still accepts me and likes me after seeing all sides of me then he can pursue me if he

Which of the following monetary policies reduces aggregate demand and output?

Which of the following monetary policies reduces aggregate demand and output?

(a)A cut in the Fed funds rate.

(b)An open market sale of government securities.

(c)A cut in the discount rate.

(d)A cut in the reserve requirement.
B. Its contractionary monetary policy. The fed takes cash out of the economy and replaces it with securities.



Does respect and self control go hand in hand(read before answering)?

A guy told me to never be alone with a guy, because they can get aroused with a drop of the hat, he told me to never let his front side touch your back side and don

Women, honestly, would you try to justify a book about how men can train their wives like dogs?

Like so many try to justify the reverse:;
I have to think what kind of sick mind wants an obedient slave. I don


Moar like Encyclopedia Dramatica,amirite?

More like a

Why do women accept this kind of discrimination by the Church with little protest?

The Vatican in 2007 issued a decree saying the attempted ordination of women would result in automatic excommunication for the woman and the priest trying to ordain her. That is repeated in the new document issued yesterday.
I think everyone, including women, knows that the church is a business based on that useless thing called faith and fear and basically full of crap
Why does ANYONE accept that attempted ordination results in automatic excommunication, and that actual abuse of children results in


It has no choice - it has its very own control panel fitted into it, which keeps it running for twenty minutes or so after you

Guys: what

Lots of men seem resentful about women seeing this movie. Why? I

Two part question: are consumers too demanding? and, are customers more likely to be negative than positive?

I ordered online from Papa John

In dating, are there really such things as


I had a dream that my sister was killed by some baled demons living in a tent?

it sounds insane but it was so frightening when i was ACTUALLY dreaming it. it was my mother left us in the car to buy something at Walgreen

I had a dream that my sister was killed by some baled demons living in a tent?

it sounds insane but it was so frightening when i was ACTUALLY dreaming it. it was my mother left us in the car to buy something at Walgreen

White men should we do reverse discriminaiton against blacks/women?

The malls especially I have experience openly racist and openly sexist employment practices should we do some reverse discrimination we are a protected group we are white and men, the past 50 years womens sexism and blacks racism have prevailed Should we do a 360 degree and simply not hire women and blacks. Tea Party members only.
we definitely should.
Though you are being dramatic, I do agree that any shopkeeper should hold the right to deny a white man, black man, asian, latin, or anyone of any race or creed of their services. As it is their enterprise, their shop, and their stock, and at the end of they day they are the ones losing customers, so they should hold a right to not serve whoever they wish.
i think we

Do Guys have better self control than him?


Would you get a breast implant if you lost a breast to cancer?

Or whatever other diseases may cause you to lose a breast.
No. I

Very scared about my nightmares, please help?!?

Lately I

How can people deal with so much badness in the world?

Sometimes I can

Has anyone been tricked into seeing blue waffle?

my friends tricked me ):

Would it be a crime against humanity if homosexuals were the most attractive and brilliant people on earth?

Like how modern day geniuses are always atheists. I think religious freaks would probably kill them all...I kid-I kid...
Ironically, most homosexuals are really smart, attractive, and brilliant haha
I see absolutely no problem with that. Though I must say that the way you phrased this question is just the teeniest bit offensive.
Let me tell you something, religion, in it

Where can I check my credit score for absolute free?

Where can I check my credit score for free?
if you are looking for free credit score usa national site, check out this site

Here you can get your 3-in-1 free credit score and credit report I use it and absolutely free!

How do most relationships in North America go?

I know that there cannot be a generalization on who controls the other more


- Are men seen as the dominant one by people?

- Do people still think it is a bad idea for women to work

- Even though there are equal amounts of control freaks in the two genders, is it the woman

Be Honest, if i gave you $5,000 what would you do with it?

Hi Trip,


Two males and one female share a house. Why should the toilet seat be left down? Is this woman crazy or what?

This woman is having a cow over this. We just let her move in two weeks ago. She just told us that we have to leave the seat down. We told her no because it

What is your reaction to how the name of this category is changed to gender studies?

- will there be less biased questions/answers aimed towards women in the future?

- will you see this category as neutral and not

Can you help me with this economics multiple choice question please?

When the Gov

Is not reaching sexual maturity until 23 considered developmental retardation?

Because your body does not produce estrogen on its own so you have to take birth control pills? since then(starting at 23 in 2008) you

Dream with black unicorn?

So this is my dream:

Background: I used to go to therapy (psychological).

In the dream me and my mother were going to a new therapist

If someone gave you 500 million dollars to assassinate a great leader, would you do it?

And there is a 100% chance you will not get caught or sent to prison or anyone will know you even did it

also the leader was like greater than MLK, Gandhi and Abraham lincoln all combined in one!

and the leader would help bring America out of debt!

Would you still assassinate him?

And for my good Friends at the Department of homeland security, Please dont trip out, this is just a Root of all evil Test, that i am testing people with. thank you
If the government sponsoring the assassination was prepared to cover it and offer protection, yes. But only for the right reasons, if it needed to be done, of course I would do it if it would protect our national security.

Why do i want to hug people then kill them?

Theres this opposite thought process that goes on inside my head pretty much 24/7 and i dont mean like the normal should I or should I not type of thinking i mean like completely opposite thinking. For exaple: Im outside and I see a squirrel, i think to myself omg its so cute i wanna pet it and like 3 seconds later im thinking im gonna throw a rock at it and smash its head against mine then im gonna use my hands to rip its gut apart. Its really weird because theres like these opposite personalities inside me, one

Is it more offensive for someone to say men are better than women or women are better than men?

How do you people treat it? Do you treat it equally? Tell the truth.
Neither is more or less offensive.

Consider the source.

I have a thicker skin than that.

Also consider context. Women are much better at being pregnant than men. No question about it. Men are much better at being men than women. Big deal.

Men are men and women are women. It

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How can normal people help boost the economy?

Is it as simple as picking up coins on the street and using them, so that may be put back in circulation? What else could be done?

The best way to ignore stupid people? Please help?

On this site and in real life, I

Is there anything to worry about in my life time?

Hi im 14 and i have been worrying alot latly.For example 2012,getting bombed,world war 3,and terrorist. I just need to know if anything like this would happen or someting big that would change the world would happen in my life time. Srry for my spelling and thank you for your time.
U shall worry about now,not about the future.Now is the war...The war of information,wars were 1000years before with guns,wars now use the perfect destructive tool,the information.Why were there always wars in this world?For control of course,control of people...Now,u can

I have the weirdest repeating dream?

I keep having a dream that is I

Tattoos are a sign of Low Self-Esteem. What are your thoughts?

Some psychologists have been saying this. I personally agree. To me they

Theory of evolution or creationism?

Which one do you side with?
Evolution is a scientific fact. You can trace the human genome back very far, which has been done. There is evidence of transition species not only of humans but also many other species in our fossil record. With the

What defines a genius: Knowledge or Ability to learn?

What really defines a genius is it current knowledge or the ability to learn new things.

Anti-social behaviour in monkeys is linked to maternal neglect and abuse?

there is a lot of evidence to show the same correlation in humans, most violent offenders come from single mother homes and they are the most dangerous places for children, particularly boys.

Article here -

Feminism empowers itself on the moral superiourity of women and points to cherry picked raw data on anti social behaviour to add validity to their propaganda messages. The scientific research demonstrates women are equally or more violent and aggressive in almost all categories of family related abuse. Modern studies on the grey area rapes they use to

Women secretly want to be told what to do, and how to act...?

... and to serve men completely and obediently?

Why act the opposite way?

It makes no sense!
Women want to be led in general, but of course admitting that would destroy the image of the

Dreams and reality, what just happened?

long dream. Towards the end, i got into a fight and he knee kicked me in the face, particularly the nose.

When i woke up, i had a nosebleed.

Is this just a coincidence or more?
you most likely had a nosebleed before u had that dream...

the dream was telling u .. u have a nosebleed and u better awake up :)
coincidence, you are trying to fool yourself!!

What is your most embarrassing life moment?

Just want to laugh
My 2 year-old granddaughter and I were shopping for a birthday card for her mother who was over in the next aisle. I handed the card to my granddaughter to hold while I read it to her. She dropped it and, as I bent over to pick it up, I accidentally ripped a good one. My granddaughter started laughing and yelled very loudly,

Rio Madeira, how does it feel to be knocked off of the top spot?

So you

Why am I unable to make friends and having social problems?

I have actually never tried to make friends after high school and now I just feel I can not even attempt to make friends. I live in a constant delusion of thinking people are evil and going to hurt me. I

Why am I depressed all the time?

My parents kinda forced me to get a summer job.I don

Do you think my weekly schedule is too crazy? i

so i

Frndz..will u plz help me out in this..?

How do you figure out your past life?

I want to learn more about past lives and I believe but not at 100% it but because I don



Do you think that a persons drivers license should be taken away for good after a DUI ?

No I think the alcohol should be taken away for good...

Here, in Indiana, they have to card absolutely everybody... It doesn

Frndz..plz help me out..need help ASAP..?

How many of you think that Dark Eyes should wear a

Dark Eyes isn

Why do mental health workers make my life more difficult?

Probably because you

Why do I feel like I don

Ever since I could talk I

Please help me with this Economic/ Business question?

1. What impression do you have of multinational firms that have operations in multiple countries?

2. What is the effect of a country devaluing its currency (like China, for example)?
1) Firms operating in multiple countries are seeking to expand in various markets. If the good or service the firm provides has limited substitutes, this will allow them to become monopolists in more than one market. Also, operating overseas can lessen tax burdens and lower labor costs, thus a firm operating in a different country may be seeking to lower costs.

2) Some effects of devaluing a country

Low cost car insurance?

Try this site

Here you can compare quotes from different companies has a few questions and they will give you an estimate from a ton of different car insurance companies with the lowest price.

Will there be another baby boom?

What were the causes and reasons of the last baby boom? If people were around each other face to face, talked to each other, and smelled each other more often, than would there be a chance of another baby boom?
God forbid!!!

The last baby boom came after World War 2. Many men (and some women) had terrible, horrible experiences. Women

Why do people obsessively post things about themselves on facebook? is it all just for attention?

i decided to delete my facebook today because i find it really annoying.

i never see any of my friends anymore, everyone solely relies on facebook for communication, and then they snap at me when i don


I know most women like equal relationships where the guy isn

I have a question about currency?

Say for example I owned a big city, could I make my own currency within that city just for the people that live their. Like anybody visiting their would need to get their currency exchanged weather it be $ or into my currency? Would that be illegal?

Just a random question, I cant afford to buy a city lol :-)
It is perfectly legal (at least in the United States), so long as the money you create are not coins. Its also being done right now in several places in the US, but the biggest and most successful place is in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The region has opted to print their own money, which can be used in local stores for goods and services. The exchange rate is 1/Berkshare = $0.90/cents.

Most mom and pop stores accept the money, whereas the big national chains do not. Overall, the exchange rate gives people an automatic 10% discount on goods, making local stores more competitive than big retailers. The retailers (if they wish) can exchange those Berkshares back into US Dollars (ie: When its time to pay for the electric bill) or they can keep those berkshares and recycle them in the economy (ie: A Hardware store owner who just sold a box of nails for berkshares, then takes the currency and buys new window shades for the store from the MomPop Shade store down the street).
Im honstly note sure, but i would imigane that it is leagle, because the somtimes have the equal amount of money in Canadian dollars on the back of books. Dont go only on what i said. Google it!
Not if you


Why do people, when they see children or something really cute say

Why are mental health workers trying to kill me?

They are just scaring you.
they need the money my dad said.

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b/c you have paranoia.
all in your crazy head
what illness do you have? if you say you don

What do my dreams mean?

Im just going to run through some stuff you might want to know, because most of it is related in my dream.

In real life (or whatever you would like to call it) their is a police station down the road to were I live, and it is next to a play field. It is surrounded by over-grown hedges, bushes, and trees. I recently gave my girlfriend my mobile phone, because her one didn

Just enjoy being who i am, or change myself to be liked by more people?


Have you ever realized that someone was a stereotype?

Hey everyone :)

Have you ever realized that someone you know was the personification of a stereotype?

Like I knew this one guy who always wear Affliction and Ed Hardy, and bragged about going to the gym and had spikey hair.... I realized he

Am I obsessed with this person?


Is there such a thing as uncontrollable PMS syndrome?

feminists defense
Yeah when women murder children they are

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